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the chronicles of...

  • follow us as we head from east coast to west coast...and the adventures that ensue...

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  • thanks for visiting!

    we hope you enjoyed your stay at the Chotel Del Coronado!

    september 12 – jim, regina, vince
    september 19 – lydell & susana
    october 24 – dan & lil, yufeng
    november 4-7 – jubi & jon
    november 13-15 – cho cousins
    december 23-26 – kate l.
    january 7-10 – mari & jason
    january 15-17 – meg, lisa, jac
    january 19 – reggie f.
    january 23 – joe f.
    january 30-31 – jenn g.
    march 9-12 – jay
    march 20-22 – pomme
    april 15-18 – jane & bryan

    Now booking rooms at the
    Chotel Silver Lake!

    february 18-26 – deborah & ryan
    february 19-21 – christine
    march 4-6 – mari & jason
    july 20-24— christine & peenaki
    august 11-15 — mari & jason
    august 26-28 — lisa, jac &meg
    september 25-28 — jubi

    Arriving Soon
    october 12-november 2 —
    grandma cho
    november 8-22 —
    grandma deangdeelert

our wedding

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